In Memory of Doreen Birkett

Raising monies for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

About Doreen

Doreen Mary (Jackson) Birkett was born on 9th August 1942 in Whitehaven, Cumbria.
Doreen was my mum.
Mum was a quiet private person with a lot of love for her family - she was the love of my dad's life.  They were married for 54 years, when devastatingly she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer in January 2019 - within 6 months, she was gone, leaving us all heartbroken.
Mum passed away on 29th July 2019 at 4.55 pm in Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop, Notts.
Mum loved both of her grandsons unconditionally - she worried about them both all the time - more so her youngest grandson who has had a really tough time over the past 3 years health wise.  She always supported my fundraising Events - she'd go out of her way to find some way of Sponsoring my Ball's either by paying for the Band, or buying me the seat covers, or cakes for my 50th Birthday Ball.
Mum didn't communicate much in the final few weeks of her life, but she did take a liking to a Nurse who used to visit her and trusted her to tell her a few of her final wishes - and one was that she wanted donations at her funeral to be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  Donations from this were rounded up to £700 by dad.
As a previously avid and dedicated Fundraiser for well over 14 years for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (sadly mums ill health and youngest son's over the past 18 months have pulled me away from fundraising/awareness)  I have decided to try and top up that fund to £1000 this Christmas 2019 in memory of mum by putting together some Reindeer Food, Sweet Bags, on-line Auction and eBay Auction - mum used to like hearing about the Annual Brussel Sprout Auction on eBay ... we'll do that again this year.
This is a place for us, as a family, to remember mum and to do something she would appreciate - raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust - we need a focus and we need to make sure her name is remembered ... next year I might decide to do bigger Event's - this is just my way of distracting my overactive mind this Winter while we approach our first Christmas without mum - mum who made Christmas special for us all.  She'll never be forgotten ever because she was the driving force behind my fundraising for year's - she was a no-nonsense kind of woman - she said it as it was and I always knew she understood how I ticked - she was the only person who truly knew me and I miss talking to her every day ... the last time I spoke to her I said I'd miss our morning phone calls ... she told me she'd always be with me and I believe she will be. xxx

Me and mum on my wedding day - I remember what we were laughing about, and so did she.